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Akhandjyoti » Magazine » 2003 » Mar Apr 2003 » Freedom of choice - A basic human characteristic

Freedom of choice - A basic human characteristic

Human being is endowed with basic freedom of choice. Nature provides him with a variety of options to choose from. It is up to him to exercise this God-given gift either positively or negatively. Thus, he is the maker of his own destiny. This fundamental freedom is a great boon to the human race. However, if used negatively, it can also turn into a bane. It is sad to say that for the vast majority, this freedom proves to be a bane, because they choose to misuse this freedom for destructive rather than constructive purposes.

Destruction is far more easier than creation. What can be easier than ruining oneself? In fact, doing nothing in the direction of self-upliftment in itself amounts to self-destruction. One who is not consciously progressing in soul-growth, is knowingly or unknowingly sliding down the scale of consciousness into the dungeon of darkness.

Once a point was raised in the Satsang-Sabhá of Maharshi Raman. Some people were saying that a human being is superior most amongst all the creatures, while some others were arguing that a human being is worse than the animals, because sometimes conduct of animals appears to be far nobler than that of humans. Both the sides requested the Maharshi to elucidate. Maharshi said “The truth is that a human being is a combination of mortal body and immortal consciousness. The one who follows the body and its cravings goes on groping in the darkness and the one who investigates the inner realms of consciousness, ultimately realizes the Supreme Consciousness and thus his real self." This is the Eternal Truth.

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The spiritual acumen and enlightened wisdom of seer-sage Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya had a reach into the deepest depth of human mind and emotional core. He could feel the agony of the masses through heart. He could therefore identify the root cause of the ailing state of the world today as – the crisis of faith....

Freedom of choice - A basic human characteristic
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