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Akhandjyoti » Magazine » 2005 » May June 2005 » Aradhana that was uninterruptedly pursued

My Life: Its Legacy and Message -14

God is conceived as ’Sakar’ (with form) for the purpose of meditation according to one’s liking and belief and it resembles a human figure. This conception is definitely essential and useful, but it has to be borne in mind that it is imaginary and not real. God is one and cannot have so many forms as have been visualized by various religions and sects. The utility of form should be kept confined to practicing concentration of mind. The principle underlying idol worship is that effort should be made to understand, visualize and assimilate the Invisible God through the medium of a visible symbol.

The omnipotent God can only be ’Nirakar’ (formless). God is known as Parmatma which means that which includes and exceeds all living beings (Jivatmas). It is Virat-Brahma or Virat -Vishva. Shri Krishna had shown a vision of this cosmic or universal God to Arjun and Yashoda. Kaushalya and Kakbhusundi had also seen a glimpse of God in the form of entire universe. According to this conception public service becomes aradhana of Virat -Brahma. Man has been sent by God as his prince and has been endowed with a precious life to make this universe, a garden of God, happy and prosperous. The significance of human life lies in fulfillment of this aim, which is known as aradhana.

I have been doing this. Out of the twelve hours of night, four hours are spent regularly in and the rest in sleep and other daily routine. If a person is lazy and careless, his whole time is spent haphazardly and in a disorganized way, but if he girds up his loins, remains vigilant, marvelous works can be accomplished. During twelve hours of the day, leaving two hours for food, rest and other routine, a net period of ten hours remains in hand. I have been using this period of the day regularly in doing work for the welfare of the people. These activities of aradhana can be classified as under:

(1) Writing and publication of magazines, books, literature etc. for refinement of the minds and attitudes of the people in accordance with the ideals of Yug-chetna.

(2) To inspire and provide guidance to truly aspiring souls to adopt a way of life in accordance with Yug-dharma (needs of the Time Spirit);

(3) To give advice to those who have turned to me for guidance and counseling for elevating their souls to enable them to overcome their personal difficulties and build a happy future based on high principles.

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The spiritual acumen and enlightened wisdom of seer-sage Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya had a reach into the deepest depth of human mind and emotional core. He could feel the agony of the masses through heart. He could therefore identify the root cause of the ailing state of the world today as – the crisis of faith....

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