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Akhandjyoti Magazine 2005 Nov Dec 2005 Signature Reflects one's Personality

Signature reflects ones personality

Signature reading is an interesting study. It is supposed to reveal unknown characteristics of a personality. Signature analysts believe that while analyzing behavior of a person, signatures are more revealing than handwriting. While writing, several thoughts run amok in the mind and lead to variations in the handwriting. Signature, on the contrary, is not subject to such frequent variations.

There is an occult science behind the study of signatures. Some signatures are very beautiful; but it is not necessary that the personality of such a person is attractive as well. It has been observed that sometimes a person having beautiful signatures is cruel and dangerous. Contrary to that, a person having an irregular signature could be very courageous and kind. Signature of Mahatma Gandhi falls into this category.

A person with extraordinary brilliance normally writes the first letter of the sign in a bigger font. This signature makes him well established, influential and famous. The signature having first letter in bigger font and other letters as small, legible and beautiful represent a hard working person. He attains great heights by his hard work. It gives him good position in the society. Some people are not able to reach at the top even after putting best of their efforts; but this kind of people show that hard work pays. Such people are rich as well as intelligent. They shine their familys name.

Illegible and unclear sign, which are written in hurry, are not considered good. These people, like their signatures are unaware of their capabilities. They neither understand the meaning of life nor pay any attention towards it. They are very lazy and do work without showing any interest in it. Hence none of the work done by them is good. In fact no one likes to give them work. They are unauthentic people unsuccessful in family life too. Their married life is full of distrust and suspicion. Signatures of a diplomat fall into this category. Its a well-known fact that diplomacy now-a-days implies deceit and treachery with certain rules. Such peoples life cannot be untouched by this behavior.

A person having very small, illegible signatures with spaces between the letters are very cunning. They can cross any limits to attain their selfish motives. Such people enjoy politics because this area generally requires people with selfish attitude. Some persons are totally insensitive to human sentiments. Signatures of terrorists fall into this category.

Generous and kind people sign with very light hand. The simple lines of their signature exude the simplicity of their heart. They do not press too hard while writing. This trait is displayed in their personality as well. People with artistic signatures are painters, artists, singers or authors. Those who put two horizontal lines beneath the signature are very hard working; but they are normally mentally weak and are worried constantly about their future. They are so depressed sometimes that they even attempt suicide.

Those who write the first letter of the name followed by the surname and put dot or dots below the signature are very lucky. Such people take birth to reap the fruits of their previous birth. They are religious and soft spoken. They are very simple and sensitive. Hence they are very gullible. This is the only drawback in their personality. People who write their full name as the signature are very special. Drawing a line beneath the full name indicates their spirituality. They are full of zeal and they know how to use it best. They are very self-conscious. Whichever field they choose, they start innovating in that. Such people are far away from selfishness and egoism. They are very close to God.

Signatures exude unseen thoughts and emotions. Specialists use certain techniques to analyze them. However by analyzing the letters alone it is difficult to judge the personality traits completely. One may need some more supplementary techniques for this purpose. Remember! Signatures do not create a personality. Personality is exuded through the signatures. It is possible to change ones personality by adopting righteous attitude towards life and doing hard work towards self-refinement.

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The spiritual acumen and enlightened wisdom of seer-sage Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya had a reach into the deepest depth of human mind and emotional core. He could feel the agony of the masses through heart. He could therefore identify the root cause of the ailing state of the world today as – the crisis of faith....

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