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Vedic Solutions to Modern Problems: Protection of Ecosystem –I (d)

In the well known mantra, of Yajur Veda, cited below which is chanted during almost every Vedic ritual, it has been prayed to the divine powers manifested in Nature as Cosmic Forces, Sun, Space, Earth, Water, Plants and Trees, etc that they should be in their natural harmony, free of all disturbances – there should be peace and happiness in them and also in the entire world nurtured by them.

Om dyauh santih antariksha guam santih, prathvi santirapah santiraushadhayah santih | vanaspatayahsantih viswedevah santih Brahm santih | Sarvaguam santih, santih reva santih | sama santiredhi |

- Yaj.Veda 36|17

The following hymns convey that trees and plants have showered many blessings on mankind. They have immense importance, so it has been prayed in the following mantras that we should get (more and more of) water and plants and it has been stressed that water and air are closely related.

Nishpadhwarih aushadhah apah |

- Rig Veda 8|59|2

Apasca me virudhasca me |

- Yaj.Veda 18|14

We should establish harmony with water and medicinal herbs:
Sam ma srajami- adbhiraushadhibhih |

- Yaj. Veda 18|35

In another mantra it is said that water should be kept pure and its healthy elements[2] should be increased. The various medicinal plants should be irrigated with water and conserved.

Pranam me pahyapanam me pahi vyana me pahi cachurmauvrya vibhahi srotam me slokaya | Apah pinvaushadhirjinva dipadava catutpada pahi divo vrashtimeraya ||

- Yaj.Veda 14|8

Further, in Atharva Veda it is said that the power of all the gods is present in the plants and trees and they provide vital energy to humans and also save them.

Prastranato Stambinorkesunga Pravantiroshadhira Vadami| Ansumatih Kandiniryam Visakha havyami te virudhi vaisva devih ugrah purusha jivanih ||

- Atharv Veda 8-4|7|4

Agnerghaso apam garbho ya rohanti punarnavah |
Dhruvah sahastranamni bhashajih satvabhratah ||

- Atharv Veda 8-4|7|8

Whose water (juice) is warm (energetic) and which can be processed in the holy fire (yagya) and which always remain fresh; hundreds of these kinds of medicinal plants should be planted here.

In another mantra (Atharva Veda 8|7|10), it is said that the medicinal herbs remove pollution and so they are called ‘Vidushani’.

Unmuncantivivaruna ugra vidushani |
Atho Balasanasanih Kratyadushanisca yasta iha yantwoshadhih ||

- Atharv Veda 8|7|10

Similar meaning is implied in the following segment of a hymn (2|9|35) of the Yajur Veda that says – Vanaspatih Samita (Plants / trees remove the pollution and purify the air).

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The spiritual acumen and enlightened wisdom of seer-sage Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya had a reach into the deepest depth of human mind and emotional core. He could feel the agony of the masses through heart. He could therefore identify the root cause of the ailing state of the world today as – the crisis of faith....

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