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Spiritual Practices of Gayatri Mantra (Gayatri Ki Dainik Evam Vishishta Anusthan Paraka Sadhanayen)

...The ideal conjugation of Gayatri and satguru is like a perfect combination of Savita - the subtle body of Sun God, the source of absolute prudence, eminence and energy, and Brahaspati - the divine guru who guides all manifestations of God. The first-hand experiences of Gurudev Shri Ram Sharma and his erudite deliberations on the vast knowledge of Gayatri are eloquently penned by him in seven volumes of the Vangamaya series. The present volume describes the objectives, disciplines and methods of performing Gayatri Sadhana in detail.

Gurudev Shri Ram Sharma assures that “sincere devotion with purity of sentiments and righteousness of character never goes wrong” quoting Lord Krishna in the holy Gita -

Nehabhikrama Nashoasti Pratyava yo Na Vidyate |
Swalpamupyasya Dharmasya Tra yate Mahatobhayat ||

Meaning: "Dedicated endeavor commenced along the righteous path is never lost; it continues (against all hindrances). It can never bring negative or untoward outcomes. The truth and purity of objective inspired by the inner self protects the serenity of the path. Such an endeavor can not end without auspicious success." When every effort devoted to truly religious objectives protects the devotee from severe dangers and fears, then why should there be any doubt about the success of the great Sadhana of Gayatri which is devoted to collective arousal of the intellect of all beings along the righteous path?

The of Gayatri can be performed daily by meditation on rising sun and japa (rhythmic enunciation) of the Gayatri Mantra for a fixed duration of time. Austerity, purity of body, thoughts and sentiments, regularity of time and place, etc., are some simple disciplines required to be followed here. Mental recitation and contemplation on the Gayatri Mantra can be continued throughout the day whenever and wherever calmness and concentration of mind can be maintained naturally. Practice of the above kind could also be pursued by writing this mantra a fixed number of times every day.

The higher level Sadhana (called Anusthana) of Gayatri include - Laghu Anusthana of 9 days, Anusthana of 40 days and Purascharana of one to several years. These involve specific number of japas of the Gayatri Mantra and gradually higher levels of ascetic disciplines.

Details of each type of and Sadhana of Gayatri are presented in this volume. The prescribed asanas (siting postures), types of rosaries, number of japas, best timings and methods of and meditation, requirement of noble guru, modes of commencement and completion, observance of essential disciplines of chastity, fasting, altruist service, etc - all are explained here in great detail with illustrations leaving no room for any doubt. Excerpts from ancient scriptures and views of authentic spiritual masters are also cited with elaborate discussions. The method of Pragya Yoga - a special practice of yoga and Gayatri Sadhana , is also presented in this volume. The method was introduced by Gurudev Shri Ram Sharma in 1980 for mass implementation - keeping in mind the attitudes and mode of life in the modern times. Every body can practice it without any difficulty or major adjustment in his or her busy routine and can benefit from the boons of Gayatri Upasana. The author’s adept guidance offered in this comprehensive volume would teach the readers how to proceed with Gayatri and would also give necessary support at every step in marching towards the ultimate Sadhana of Gayatri Purascharana. May this nectar of eternal knowledge inspire all minds and hearts and enlighten every life by the divine blessings of Gayatri.

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The spiritual acumen and enlightened wisdom of seer-sage Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya had a reach into the deepest depth of human mind and emotional core. He could feel the agony of the masses through heart. He could therefore identify the root cause of the ailing state of the world today as – the crisis of faith....

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