We Work To Eradicate Curable Blindness

We work in eradicating curable blindness by providing affordable, accessible and sustainable
eye care services and empower women to achieve this.

Connecting The Unconnected

India shoulders the most substantial burden of blindness in the world with 15 million blind people, cataract being the primary cause. The 200 districts of India predominately in Bihar & Uttar Pradesh are the most affected with the worst being Bihar, where more than 650,000 people are blind, and 4.3 million are visually impaired. Additionally, 100,000 people in Bihar become blind annually due to aging with severely limited, accessible or affordable blindness eradication effort.

Bihar also being a highly patriarchal society, women and young girls are victims of discrimination regarding education and employment.

Strong gender discrimination, extreme poverty, lack of education and economic sustainability make Bihar a breeding ground of blindness and compounds the challenge to eradicate curable blindness to extraordinary proportion.

Since the last decade, Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital has been relentlessly working towards curing blindness in the rural hinterlands of Bihar. Its efforts towards eradicating blindness by free cataract surgery interventions have made Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital, one of the five largest eye hospitals in India. We are a comprehensive super speciality eye hospital providing Phaco surgeries, treatment for glaucoma and retinal issues and speciality paediatric eye care services.

Lighting Up Lives

Akhand Jyoti hospital identifies and trains rural girls to become qualified optometrist to lead the blindness eradication efforts.

Working towards addressing gender-based discrimination and introducing gender parity, we develop sustainable model focussed on eradicating blindness in Bihar by 2022.

We aim to achieve our mission by:
1. Leading our blindness eradication efforts in low-income states of India.
2. Increase our annual sight-restoring surgeries from 65,000 to 100,000.
3. Empower more rural girls to become change agents and role models.

The Change Makers

People from around the world, from diverse industries, collaborate with others in the community to improve lives of the underprivileged.


Our Progress Speaks For Itself

We work towards our mission by utilising 100% of all public donations and prove it with our impact.


Our achievements over the last five years (2012-17).



Transparency & accountability to our donors is our obligation.



Know about our goals & objectives.        


Count On Us To Begin The Change

working where it really matters

We provide sight-restoring surgeries to over 65,000 people annually in the darkest districts of India.

unique outreach programme

We reach out to the remotest villages to identify the needy patients for eye care interventions.

quality in the rural heartland

We are setting up the first comprehensive eye hospital in rural India.

Help Us To Make The Change

Partners Supporting Our Cause

Our partners are critical to our success in improving lives of the poor across low-income states of India. We light up the lives of people with the donation and support by our partners. We work together to make the change complementing our shared goals.

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