Parmeshwar Shah is an ideal example of how Akhand Jyoti is changing lives of the underprivileged

Parmeshwar Shah is an ideal example of how Akhand Jyoti is changing lives of the underprivileged

Parmeshwar Shah, a resident of Sursar in Sitamarhi district of Bihar, had left farming several years ago. He lived a happy life with his family of two sons and two daughters, and a caring wife. His elder son was married and living separately with his wife.

Shah used to sell ice-cream on his bicycle and was earning a decent sum of Rs. 400 a day. His younger son and daughter were attending school. He was also able to save some money for the marriage of his eldest daughter.

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Two years ago, Shah's world turned upside down.

His worst fears came true. He started developing cataracts. The clouding of the lens spread in both the eyes.

Soon he experienced total inability to see in the left eye and his vision on right eye was very low.

He started going out less and working for a reduced number of hours. He covered only a few lanes near his house and with great difficulty. This resulted in a huge loss as his income saw a sharp fall; it dropped to Rs. 50 a day.

Things became worse in the last three to four months before his surgery.

He completely stopped stepping out due to very poor vision. He could hardly walk. He was entirely dependent on his wife for food and other activities.

His children dropped out of school for not being able to afford school fees, tuition fees and other related expenses.

The family was surviving on the money that he had saved for the eldest daughter’s wedding. But it was fast depleting, and cataracts were becoming the centre point of their lives.

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Shah’s son brought him to our eye screening camp after hearing our awareness campaigns.

Parmeshwar Shah was screened at the eye camp and selected for cataract surgery to restore his sight. He was then taken to Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital’s facility at Mastichak.

Treatment was started, and surgery was carried out in his left eye. He responded well and showed good signs of progress.

He left our hospital with a bright smile on his face and the determination to work harder to gain his lost ground.

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Truth be told, we could not have done this without the support of our patrons.

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Together with your support, we can touch the lives of millions and make this mammoth task of eradication of curable blindness possible.

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