Fulamaro Khatoon has been contemplating on ending her life but then her life took a different path. Read How!

Fulamaro Khatoon has been contemplating on ending her life but then her life took a different path. Read How!

At 80, Fulamaro Khatoon prayed she didn’t make it to living another day. She wanted to slash her wrists, hang herself to the ceiling fan and end her life.

She wanted to meet God, who she believed lived somewhere up in the sky. She thought she caused pain to others due to her weakening eyesight.

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She had the love and support of her family but did not want to be a burden on them. She did not want to live as a visually impaired person, go jobless and sit at home. She wanted to avoid being dependent for the remaining days of her life.

Fulmaro Khatoon had always been self-sufficient and wanted the fact to remain the same.

Since she and her family didn’t have the means to go for treatment, she thought death was the best solution. But as John Lennon had once said, “life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans.” Little did she know fate had other plans for her.

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Unable to take her mother to the doctor, Khatoon’s daughter felt incredibly guilty. The latter thought she failed as a daughter.

She worked overtime and saved as much as she could but in vain. While the government-sponsored hospital was too far, the clinics close by were costly.

Thankfully, her husband heard our outreach team’s announcement.

The young couple were overwhelmed to know our eye screening camp was free. They could not believe the treatment provided at our charity eye hospital was free as well. The daughter mustered up the courage and decided to bring Khatoon to see if anything could be done.

Few days back, the mother and daughter duo went back home feeling content.

Akhand Jyoti


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Khatoon has had a successful cataract surgery at Akhand Jyoti, Mastichak unit. Cataract has been removed in the right eye, and her vision has partially been restored.

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What’s more, the septuagenarian is no more suicidal. She is glad she does not have to be at the mercy of others.

That’s the story of Fulamaro Khatoon ending on a happy note.

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But millions of Khatoons are still contemplating on ending their lives. All because of a condition that is curable.

Living in darkness, feeling perturbed and being deprived of the necessities of life is the reality for them. And the worst part is, help for visually impaired is rare.

They have nobody to bail them out of their misery. Even the government has fallen short. It has not been able to offer the support that these less fortunate people deserve.

Join us as we spread awareness and share words of encouragement.

Be with us as we put in all that we have to eradicate blindness and uplift women. Contribute and see how a small act of kindness can go a long way. Donate to save lives, combat blindness and bring a smile on somebody's face.

Gift a smile to others and experience how generosity can make you smile, too.


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There is no better way to thank God for your sight than by giving a helping hand to someone in the dark

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