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In Bihar, 4,56,000 Children suffer from refractive errors. 7 in 10 school-going children have an eye problem. The rural child is worst affected. More than 80% of these children population have never had an eye checkup in their lifetime.

children eye care 

Akhand Jyoti is working towards making their eyes fit; fit to learn, fit to play, and fit to succeed. 


Visual impairment in children is more devastating and disabling than adult-onset blindness. Due to a child’s longer lifespan, they suffer more when compared to an adult with similar problems. 

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This leads to discrimination and isolation of the child. The kid also loses equal opportunities in childhood. Further, the family’s wellbeing deteriorates. When a child’s vision malfunctions; education and participation in play suffers. Hence good vision is the key for children to succeed in school. This enables the next generation to blossom to its potentials. 


A simple prescription eyeglass can not only correct vision but enhance the learning capacity of a child.

kid eye problemakhand jyoti eye hospital

akhand jyotiakhand jyoti eye hospital

Children do not complain of defective vision and may not even be aware of the problem. However genuine complains are many a time ignored by the parents, due to widespread ignorance and illiteracy. This warrants early detection and treatment to prevent permanent disability.

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Bihar is the least literate state in the country. Further, there is a grave dearth of eye care providers in rural areas of the state. This demotivates parents to travel great distances to access eye care services for their children. On top of this, parents are not able to take their child to a doctor, as it would mean sacrificing a day’s earning because they are mostly agrarians and daily wage earners.


Bihar has the lowest GDP per capita in the country.


The state lags in all aspects of poverty, health, education, and human wellbeing.

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akhand jyoti eye hospital

Bihar being a very densely populated state in India, door-to-door screening is not feasible. School screening is the best way to reach out to and identify children having eye problems.


Akhand Jyoti is on a mission to screen school-going kids in rural Bihar to correct their vision and give them an opportunity in life.

akhand jyoti eye hospital

akhand jyotiakhand jyoti

Every day our school screening team screens around 500 kids, 6 days a week.

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A child detected with vision impairment is provided spectacle or required surgical intervention completely free of cost.

The programme also generates awareness about the problem among the teachers and parents. This inspires them to take part in addressing vision impairment in children.

akhand jyoti 

In the 1st 11 months (August 2018 – July 2019),  the programme has screened 51,177 children covering 131 schools. 

Through it further, 930 spectacles have been distributed and 396 surgeries performed. 

school screening children 

bihar school

Every year we intend to screen 200,000 children in rural Bihar.

Your solidarity to and advocacy for our programme is most crucial to us in reaching this goal.




Help a kid see better today…

and secure the nation’s future tomorrow.



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