Tempering Life With Unconditional Love And A New Vision

Post Surgery- Champa Devi in kitchen


The crackling sound indicates the tempering of cumin seeds and garlic cloves in hot oil. It is then added to the modest pot of dal kept on low fire. The smell wafts through the air, and the irresistible aroma of the ‘tadka’ fills the tiny hut. Champa Devi gets the rice ready and ensures the stove is still on. She does it hurriedly to serve us before we take leave. She insists on having lunch with her soft and thoughtful voice. It takes us a lot of pleading to put down her request, and we leave with a smile.

On our customary post-operative visit, we found Champa Devi in the kitchen. We were glad to see her leading a normal life. She was back to continue the routine that she had carried out for decades.

Champa Devi in front of her Hut


The story of her existence was similar to many of her fellow villagers. It also bore resemblance with the thousands of patients who come to us. The simpleton's life was interrupted by a threatening period of blindness and misery. During that time, she came across apathy, humiliation and ungratefulness. But she also discovered unconditional love.

The housewife from Gopalganj earlier had the support of her entire family. But when she developed cataracts and a poor vision, the support vanished in thin air. The children chose to be indifferent towards her. Her daughter-in-law went to the extent of humiliating her for being dependent. Time and again she was told off for making no contribution to the household. She was even asked to stay separately.

The "Gratitude" Smile


It was hard for her and her husband to imagine what was happening. It was something that they could never see it coming. Unfortunately, that was the reality. Champa Devi realised the situation was grim and unhealthy. So from that time onwards, she relied on her husband.

Having gone through his share of struggles in life, he sympathised with her. He listened to her whenever she wanted to talk, express her feelings. He felt her pain and did his best to support her. Like a true companion, he became her rock. He worked hard to remain in the race for survival and save money for her treatment. At the end of each day, he gathered his savings and made various calculations. But he still could not go above the line of poverty and treatment sounded like a distant dream.

Things started to look up when he heard our announcement. The couple landed at our Panchdewari eye camp, and we took it on from there. We checked, counselled and in a few days carried out a cataract operation at Mastichak. After a gap of 4 months, we conducted another one. Champa Devi responded well to the corrective eye procedures. Her husband stood by her throughout the process.

Champa Devi & her husband are leaving together happily


Now, after the twin surgeries at the Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital, she is trying out a new recipe for life. She is tempering it with a pinch of love and tossing it with a new vision. She is planning to share the load of her husband and help him with the expenses.

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