Football to Eyeball –
Akhand Jyoti’s Unique Program To Empower
Rural Girls To Eradicate Blindness

The only sports based program in the world with a guaranteed
job at the end of it.


Football to Eyeball Program

Akhand Jyoti has been running a unique girl education, development and empowerment program since 2009, which involves encouraging girls to play football. Football (traditionally played only by men) is used as a medium to show that girls when given opportunities and support are very capable of flourishing in all walks of life.

The program works on the principle of

“Teach football to the girls and draw them out of their homes”

AkhandjyotiThis Program Involves:Akhandjyoti

Girls are given free boarding, education, vocational training and an pportunity to gain a formal academic qualification as an optometrist. They are later offered employment within Akhand Jyoti opening up a way for a better life.

A qualified Optometrist can choose to practice at the hospital or elsewhere.

She can easily earn more than 20 times the per capita earning of the rural families in India, creating significant opportunities in her family’s livelihood and improving gender parity in the society.

This program is instrumental in targeting gender based inequalities, exploitation and child marriage

all of which afflict girls in provincial Bihar.

Girls typically from a relatively poor social and economically weak background are inducted into the program, usually between the ages of 10 to 12 years.

Some girls have even been successful in qualifying to play football for the Indian national and Bihar state teams!

A girl selected for the national team (by the age of 17) is entitled to a government job.

The overall objective of the program is to develop the girls as role models

to make a broader social impact.

Awakening Rural Girls By The Football to Eyeball Way

Football used to
challenge patriarchal


Education and
skill development
of girls


Awakened girls lead to
change in mindsets


Our girls inspire
other women to act
as change agents


Girls are empowered
to lead blindness
eradication efforts

Help us support a girl child’s sustenance, education and living by providing for her, for a year.

Support a Girl Child

There is no better way to thank God for your sight than by giving a helping hand to someone in the dark

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