Through The Eyes Of Resilience

In the heart of rural Bihar, Urmila's journey from fading vision to radiant clarity unveils the transformative power of hope and resilience.


Urmila Devi is a woman of resilience, born and raised in the quaint village of Maniarpur, Bihar. She toiled under the scorching sun for years, tending to her small patch of land and caring for her beloved goat, Ganga. Life was modest but meaningful, filled with the simple joys of rural existence. Yet, fate had a cruel twist in store for her.

Cataracts dimmed my world, turning simple joys into daunting challenges


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Fading Colors


As the years passed, a cloud descended upon Urmila's world in the form of cataracts. Slowly but surely, her vision began to blur, like a fog creeping over the landscape at dawn.


Once effortless tasks became daunting challenges. The vibrant colours of her fields faded into murky shadows, and the faces of her loved ones became indistinct smudges.


Blindness stripped away the colors of my life, leaving me adrift in a world of shadows and uncertainty


Urmila's independence, her very way of life, was slipping through her fingers like grains of sand. She could no longer tend to her crops with the same precision or confidently navigate the familiar paths of her village.


Even caring for Ganga, her loyal companion, became a task fraught with uncertainty.


Dependence and Longing


With each passing day, Urmila became increasingly reliant on her daughter-in-law, Meera, for even the simplest tasks. Meera, bless her heart, took on the burden willingly.


But Urmila could feel the weight of her dependence like a stone upon her chest.


She longed to reclaim her autonomy, to be the master of her destiny once again.


A Glimmer of Hope


Hope flickered like a candle in the darkness when news reached Maniarpur of the Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital's free eye camp.


Urmila's heart skipped a beat as she dared to imagine a world where the sun shone brightly once more, where the colors danced before her eyes like a kaleidoscope of joy.


The Journey to Clarity


With a mixture of trepidation and determination, Urmila made the journey to the camp, guided by Meera's steady hand. The bustling streets and cacophony of sounds were a whirlwind of sensations she could barely comprehend.


Yet, amidst the chaos, she clung to the hope beyond the horizon.


Upon examination, she was identified with bilateral cataracts and offered free sight restoration surgery.


She could not believe her ears and became immensely happy that she would be able to see again. 


On a later date, Akhand Jyoti organised to pick her up from her village and bring her to its base hospital at Mastichak. Urmila's heart fluttered with anticipation as she was led into the sterile confines of the operating theatre.


The gentle touch of the surgeon's hands, the hushed whispers of the nurses – it was like a symphony of reassurance that soothed her frayed nerves.


When Urmila emerged from the anesthesia-induced haze, the world was bathed in a radiant glow that brought tears of joy to her clouded eyes.


For the first time in what felt like an eternity, she could see clearly – the verdant fields stretching out before her, the smiling faces of her loved ones, and the gentle sway of Ganga as she grazed contentedly.

helping the blind


A New Dawn


To see the world through my own eyes again – it's not just about sight, but reclaiming my autonomy and sense of self


Urmila's vision grew stronger each day, and her confidence was restored like a phoenix rising from the ashes. No longer was she confined to the shadows, a mere spectator in her own life.


She reclaimed her rightful place as the master of her household, tending to her crops with renewed vigour and caring for Ganga with a tenderness born of gratitude.


Urmila's story is a shining example of the impact of cataract surgery in restoring sight and transforming lives.

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