Girls With Dreams Become Women With Vision

Our efforts to eradicate blindness from Bihar has been instrumental in fostering gender parity by helping girls
become gender equality champions in a strongly patriarchal society.

'Football To Eyeball' Program

This unique program uses Football as an ice breaker to negotiate opportunities for young girls. Through this program young girls between the age of 12-16 are nurtured by Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital to aspire to become a professional footballer or Optometrist or both. This signature program is instrumental in targeting gender-based inequalities, exploitation, child marriage all of which afflict girls in provincial Bihar; in short, provide equal opportunities to them.

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The Akhand Jyoti Education Program

The Education Program at Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital trains girls to become a qualified Optometrist through a 4-year professional Bachelors in Optometry course. The course combines extensive theory and practical sessions conducted by the in-house leading Ophthalmologists. The completion of the course ensures that the girl is entitled to practice as a qualified Optometrist and these women are instrumental in helping Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital achieve its vision of eliminating blindness in low income states of India.

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We provide sight-restoring surgeries to over 65,000 people annually in the darkest districts of India

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We reach out to the remotest villages to identify the needy patients for eye care interventions.

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