Girls With Dreams Become
Girls With Dreams Become

Women With Vision

Our efforts to engage and empower women to lead the eradication of
blindness in Bihar are instrumental in helping girls develop and become
gender equality champions in a strongly patriarchal society.


Breaking Gender Discrimination

in a strong patriarchal society

Bihar’s population is largely agrarian and lives on farms. Most of the jobs in agriculture and non-agriculture sectors employ men and do not welcome women.
  • In a deep-rooted patriarchal society of Bihar, women and girls face considerable discrimination, inequality, child marriage, dowry demands, and physical abuse.

  • Female literacy in Bihar is the lowest in India. Bihar is at the bottom rungs of the United Nations Gender Related Development Index (GDI) and the Gender Empowerment Measure (GEM).

  • Akhand Jyoti, through its unique program, seeks to improve the life of the girl child. The program offers the girls education and career opportunities. This also leads to a broader impact in the local society as our girls develop into role models and change agents.

Seeking To Make Change, One Girl At A Time

Since 2009 our girl’s program is being used as a medium to show that underprivileged,
rural girls when given opportunities are capable of flourishing in all walks of life.

The story of
Chhaya and Chhavi

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The Akhand Jyoti “Football to Eyeball” Education Program

Akhand Jyoti has a unique “Football to Eyeball” girl education and development program. Under this program, girls are encouraged to play football. We use football as a medium to show the local society that the traditional stereo-types, which undermine opportunities for (particularly rural) girls can be overcome for the better.

For example, girls playing football breaks the stereo-type that football is a boys-only game, that girls should not play outside in fields and should not wear shorts. Also, it builds up the girls’ self-confidence, team-work, disciplines and drive competitiveness and ambitions.

This program has been underway since 2009, and targets girls (of 10 or 11 years of age) from relatively poor social and economic families.

We provide girls free full boarding; education, vocational training and formal academic qualification as an Optometrist; employment; and finally, an opportunity for a better quality of life.

The program has proved to be very successful.

We have seen girls, who have been through our education program, mature and grow with academic and practical knowledge, and confidence, and are now increasingly becoming role models in the broader local community. They have become a core, and very able, part of our team striving to eradicate blindness in Bihar.

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Education and Development.


There is no better way to thank God for your sight than by giving a helping hand to someone in the dark

Helen Keller
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