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In our 14 years of existence, we at Akhand Jyoti have touched the lives of more than 12 million indigent people. Our work has not only restored vision but also the hopes and livelihoods of the poor. 

Akhand Jyoti 

The eye care service we provide is affordable, accessible, and sustainable. 80% of the sight-restoring surgeries we do are free for poor patients, which is made possible through the constant support of our donors and well-wishers. Individuals from both within and beyond the border have donated to our cause time and again. 

Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital 

Through the following paragraphs, we have tried to recognise individuals and organisations who have supported us in various ways in the financial year 2019-2020.

Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital


Saluting the Indian diaspora in Singapore


Between 2nd – 11th March 2019, Akhand Jyoti undertook to start its 1st overseas fundraising event in Singapore. This was made possible through help from BridgeAbleMs. Richa Menke and Mr. Jayesh Parekh, Member Advisory Board, Akhand Jyoti.

Akhand Jyoti Event

Over the next 9 months the large hearted Indian diaspora in Singapore supported us to provide sight-restoring surgeries to thousands of poor blind people in Bihar and Eastern Uttar Pradesh:

  1. Agrocorp IndiaTrade Services Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Anand Satyamurthy
  3. Anantha and Ramya Nageswaran
  4. Anu Agarwal
  5. Asha and Anil Dixit
  6. Ashwin Jayaram
  7. Bakul and Swati Parikh
  8. Bhaskar Jayaraman and Archana Bhaskar
  9. Devika Misra
  10. Divya Verma Patel & Saahil Vasant Patel
  11. Girija Pande
  12. Gopal Rai Mandhania
  13. Hridaan Popuri
  14. Jag and Subhash Arora
  15. Jain Society Ladies Wing
  16. Kanchana Gupta
  17. Kaushik and Harsha Shaparia
  18. Kavitha Iyer and Irvin Sequeira
  19. Kumar and Krithika Radhakrishnan
  20. Kusum Sharma
  21. Madhuli and Prem Kumar
  22. Manisha Garg
  23. Monica Abrol
  24. Mousumi Bhat
  25. NE Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
  26. Paromita and Sameer Mehta
  27. Parul Singhai
  28. Parul Thakker
  29. Raj and Gayatri Sriram
  30. Rajesh Sachdeva
  31. Sumita Ambasta
  32. Adam Fiore
  33. Ranodeb Roy
  34. Richa Menke
  35. Sagarika and Sandeep Sen
  36. Sam Shergill
  37. Sandhya and Sanjay Kothary
  38. Sangini Shroff
  39. Sanjay and Madhuben Doshi
  40. Shalini and Alok Sinha
  41. Shameeli Sinha
  42. Shirdi Sai Worship Centre Ltd.
  43. Shital Raiyani and Nilesh Jassani
  44. Suketu Shah
  45. Sunil and Sushmitha Popuri
  46. Tarun and Priti Kataria
  47. Venky Krishnakumar
  48. Vikas and Manisha Gattani
  49. Smt. & Late Shree Hiranand Vishindas Farswani
  50. Seema & Yogesh Farswani


'Light a Life' campaign


Ramya Nageswaran from Singapore, on the eve of ‘World Sight Day 2019’, created Akhand Jyoti’s 1st Online Fundraising Campaign – ‘Light A Life’ and raised fund from 72 kind-hearted individuals to gift eyesight to 208 indigent people from Bihar.

Fundraising campaign - Akhand Jyoti 

Teaching girls self-defence 


In April 2019, Jag & Subhash Arora made an incredible effort to send martial arts instructorsMs. Qin Yunquan and Nicole Toe from Singapore to train our girls in the art of self-defence. The goal was to further develop their self-confidence and increase their physical fitness.

Self Defence Programme 

Our youngest donor


9-year-old Hridaan Popuri studying at standard 3, from Singapore, became our youngest donor by donating his sole piggy bank savings to gift eyesight to two underprivileged blind patients.

Akhand Jyoti Donor 

Support for the new optical unit


Shirdi Sai Worship Centre Ltd., Singapore funded the optical dispensing unit at our upcoming 40-bed hospital at the remote location of Purnea in Bihar. Many thanks to Shobha Punukollu and BridgeAble for initiating this support.


Committed for life, committed to sight


Sanjukta Sen and Richard overwhelmed us by creating a fundraiser requesting their friends to donate to Akhand Jyoti instead of giving them any other wedding gift for their marriage in February 2020. Their campaign helped us provide sight-restoring surgeries to 121 rural underprivileged individuals. Our heartfelt gratitude to the couple and we wish them a very happy journey ahead.

Akhand Jyoti Donor 

A new beginning with a new thought


Vandana and Sunny took a wonderful initiative on their wedding to raise funds to restore the sight of the poor. They requested all guests not to bring them gifts but to make donations to support sight-restoring surgeries.

Akhand Jyoti Donor 

Help for the 100-bed new girls' hostel


Sandhya and Sanjay Kothary partly supported the construction of our new 100-bed girl’s hostel. After completion of this new hostel, 100 more underprivileged rural girls can be inducted into our programme and would get a shot at a better life. 

Girls hostel 

Helping us spread out - Vision centre expansions


Our vision centres enable us to grow geographically. They help us spread out strategically and reach out to more patients in rural areas. Every vision centre we build is estimated to annually provide primary eye screening to 7,800 people, refer free surgeries to 800 patients and dispense spectacles to 2,400 people.

Eye Clinics

We plan to launch 8 new Vision Centres by March 2021 and have already received support for 5 of them. We are gratefull for the generous support extended by the following kind-hearted patrons:

  1. Asha Dixit
  2. Bharat Shah
  3. Harish Nim
  4. Jayakumar Ganapaty
  5. Jayesh Parekh
  6. Vasant Rathi
  7. Mayur Ghelani
  8. Sam Shergil


Selling cards to gift vision


Our young friend, Antara Chowdhary from Singapore designed customised greeting cards with beautiful messages in the new year 2020 and sold those to raise fund to support sight-restoring surgeries of 14 poor blind patients in Bihar. She has really won our hearts with her kind gesture.

Akhand Jyoti Donor 

Book launch lights lives


Jayesh Parekh, Member, Advisory Board, Akhand Jyoti, authored and launched the book "What Shall We Do With All This Money?" in February 2020. 

Jayesh Parekh

The sale proceeds of which are being utilised to gift sight to underprivileged blind patients in Bihar and help them emerge out of the curse of blindness.

Find out more about the book here: https://allthismoney.com/


You can get hold of your copy here:

India - https://amzn.to/36UXJNt

Singapore - https://s.lazada.sg/s.8eUp

USA - https://amzn.to/2QeA7ge


'The Food Express'


The CoronaVirus (COVID-19) crisis had resulted in many poor people from Bihar, including migrant workers, struggling for two square meals a day. Akhand Jyoti distributed food packets to such needy families in the community since the outbreak of the COVID-19 and the lockdown mandated by the government.

COVID-19 Crisis Food Distribution

Through this initiative, we distributed 28,912 ration kits during this period.

Covid support to migrant labourers 

The following individuals and organisations supported us in this drive:

  1. Anil Dixit
  2. Anil Poddar
  3. Anuj Jain
  4. Anu Agarwal
  5. Bansidhar Baijnath Jalan Seva Trust
  6. Borun Ghorai
  7. DORAI Foundation
  8. Dr K R Shroff Foundation
  9. Girija Prasad Pande
  10. Girish Pamnani
  11. Kirtida Mekani
  12. Mahindra Kanji
  13. Mala Nalwa
  14. Mandeep Nalwa
  15. Manju Gang
  16. Mona J Parekh
  17. Ninita Agarwal
  18. Nilesh Shah
  19. Preetie Kohli
  20. Radha Aiyer
  21. Raj Sriram
  22. Rajesh Rawani
  23. Reena Devpura
  24. S. Majumdar
  25. Saahil Patel
  26. Sapna
  27. Saurabh Srivastava
  28. Shalini Sinha
  29. Shivani Thapar
  30. Suketu Shah
  31. Sunder Sham Chanrai
  32. Veenapani Sekseria
  33. Vinod Aachi
  34. Vipul Shantilal Shah
  35. Vishal B Doshi


Others who have helped us too


Our following generous supporters have contributed in different ways in FY 2019-2020 to help us achieve our vision and mission:

  1. Aadarsh Baijal
  2. Advanced Enzyme Technology 
  3. Amita Mehta Trust
  4. Amrit Vasudeva Trust
  5. Ananth and Ramya Nageswaran
  6. Ashoka Pte. Ltd.
  7. Bansidhar Baijnath Jalan Seva Trust
  8. Borun Ghorai
  9. Dalmia Cement Bharat Ltd.
  10. Dorai Foundation
  11. Genuine Interest Ltd. 
  12. Mandeep Nalwa
  13. Mona J. Parekh
  14. Naveen Bhat
  15. Nilesh Arvind Parekh
  16. Nilesh Shah 
  17. Pratul Shroff
  18. Ramesh Shah
  19. Rohit Arora
  20. Sunder Sham Chanrai
  21. Sunil and Sushmitha Hridaan Popuri
  22. Veenapani Sekseria


We would like to sincerely thank all our large hearted supporters for their continued faith in our work and for supporting us in our efforts to make lives of the underprivileged better by restoring sight, life and hope.


With the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we like the rest of the world have been forced to change and adapt our ways. Now more than ever we need the support of our friends and well-wishers. Your support will help us shape many more lives. 

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donating = restoring hope

Over the last 16 years, each day we have poured tremendous time, effort and compassion in reaching out to indigent people who suffer from curable blindness. Our work has taken us to extreme places, among the less fortunate people. Our efforts to restore sight for these people have helped them regain hope and dignity.


Most of our work remains free for our patients and is made possible by patronage.


Each day our volunteers and team members come across many inspiring recitals of personal growth and tussle. These accounts help us to keep going on with our mission and sustain our impact.


You too can help to make an even larger impact.


If you find any joy or stimulation here, please support us by sharing your donations. If you have donated earlier, we convey our sincere thanks and look forward to your continued patronage.

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