30 Bed Surgical Eye Hospital Comes Up At Bihar And Uttar Pradesh Border


The need to be in Ballia


According to the census of 2011, there are 77,754 visually impaired people in Ballia, 86,886 in Gazipur and 52,943 in Mau, in Eastern Uttar Pradesh (UP),India.    


Presently in 2019, we believe the affected population would have swelled up by over 20% as against the 2011 census data.


Of the estimated 15 million blind people in India, the majority live in the poorest 200 districts of the country, which are predominantly in the low-income regions. 

poorest places in India                                                                                                                                       

Ballia in Eastern Uttar Pradesh is one of India's poorest and most marginalised districts and consequently lags in all aspects of human well-being.


Akhand Jyoti’s Impact


For 13 years Akhand Jyoti has been working relentlessly towards eradicating curable blindness from low-income regions.

akhand jyoti eye hospital 

With 1 tertiary centre at Mastichak (300 bed capacity surgical centre),1 secondary centre at Patna (30 bed capacity surgical centre),and 7 primary vision centres (Across 7 Districts in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh),we have been doing over 65,000 sight-restoring surgeries annually, of which 80% are free.

cataract surgery 

Expand and Serve More


We at Akhand Jyoti have embarked on a journey to significantly expand our surgical capacity.


To extend our reach across South Western Bihar and Eastern Uttar Pradesh, we are establishing a physical presence at the heart of the areas that are currently underserved.

akhand jyoti ballia 

As the next step towards expansion, on Saturday the 15th of June a brand new 30 bed hospital (Akhand Jyoti Rajni Kant Centre) was launched at Ballia, with generous support from HT Parekh Foundation and CharityVision. This facility is an addition to the already existing Akhand Jyoti Rajni Kant Vision Centre at Ballia, which has been providing eye care to the people of the region since last five years.


Akhand Jyoti doctors and staff along with patients from the local community informally inaugurated the centre. 

ballia eye hospital 

akhand jyoti ballia up

Later on, we plan to further expand this to a 100 bed tertiary centre, enabling us to provide eye care for different ophthalmic subspecialties such as Retina, Glaucoma, and Paediatric.

akhand jyoti ballia 

This centre is strategically placed to provide quality eye care to the people of the four districts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh (Ballia, Gazipur, Mau, and Deoria) and the adjoining districts of Bihar (like Buxar, Rohtas, and Kaimur). 

akhand jyoti eye hospital ballia 

The new facility houses 2 state-of-the-art operation theatres, an optical unit and spectacle showroom, and a pharmacy apart from all the regular features of a modern eye hospital. 

ballia akhand jyoti eye hospital 

akhand jyoti ballia

spectacle bihar

Our centre at Ballia will provide comprehensive, quality, accessible, and affordable eye care to the people of the region. 

eye check-up ballia 

It will act as a fulcrum of restoring sight in the neighbouring districts, eliminating the backlog of blindness. 

blindness in bihar 

The proposed 100 bed tertiary centre at Ballia will enable us to:

  • Complete free eye and vision examination of about 34,000 people through 200 eye camps each year.
  • Screen and prioritise 20,000 plus cataract surgery for bilateral blind patients in the first 12 months.
  • Conduct over 55,000 surgeries over the next four years, eliminating curable blindness entirely in the 3 districts of Ballia, Ghazipur, and Mau.
  • Conduct door-to-door screening, leading to the identification of people with serious ailments like glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.
  • Provide patients a free prescription and spectacles (if they want them) at cost price to Akhand Jyoti to correct refractive errors. The NPCB (National Programme for Control of Blindness) estimates that such errors account for 19.7% of blindness.
  • Bring economic sustainability of people blinded by cataract, their relatives and caregivers, and the local community.


Our Partner Our Strength


Akhand Jyoti is thankful to HT Parekh Foundation and CharityVision for supporting us in developing this new 30 bed tertiary surgical centre at Ballia. 

akhand jyoti partners 

This will help in eliminating curable blindness from South Western Bihar and Eastern Uttar Pradesh, while providing comprehensive, quality and affordable eye care to the people of the region.

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